Sie planen eine Reise nach Barcelona und suchen nach einer Stadtführung, die zu Ihnen passt?

Compact Barcelona

The most important highlights, for newcomers who want to get an overview. Since the beginnings of Barcelona 2000 years ago a lot of exciting things have happened.


Everyday rhythm of Barcelona

Would you like to see the lesser known corners, get away from the tourist routes, discover unusual perspectives and experience the everyday life of the Barcelona people?


Barcelona for subtle bon vivants

Catalonia stimulates the senses. Whether feasting, or just strolling and looking, the capital Barcelona charms your eyes and now and again challenges your nose, sometimes surprising even the regular visitor.

Casa Mila Passeig de Gracia

Barcelona art and architecture

Art and city are in dialogue with each other. We examine the parallels between Barcelona´s most important art collections and its architecture. Romanesque art, the Gothic period, Art Nouveau, Picasso and Miró…or do you prefer graffiti?


Hiking and daytrips into the surrounding regions

Around Barcelona you can discover scenic and cultural jewels. Take time for a hiking trip or a hearty meal in a country inn. These could turn out to be the experiences which will most live in your memory.


Our Catalonia

We show you the highlights which have made Catalonia famous and we take you via scenic routes to our favoured places in the surrounding regions.

These excursions will bring you closer to the history and the monuments of our adopted Catalan home. You will also have time to enjoy Montse´s regional cooking and absorb the Catalan atmosphere during our strolls.