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We show you everything you shouldn´t miss in Barcelona.

  • The old enduring heart of Barcelona
  • The unmissable
  • A whole day – crisscrossing Barcelona
  • Gaudí´s Masterpieces

The Gothic Quarter is not only characterized by magnificent medieval buildings – the Romans have also left their mark.

The historic town which emerged was home to the Counts of Barcelona and the Kings of Aragon, who ruled over large parts of the Mediterranean. The Gothic Cathedral, Plaça del Rei (Kings Palace) and El Call, the atmospheric Jewish Quarter, are all originated in this period.

Through the maze of shady alleys, passing small workshops, luxurious antiques showrooms and old established shops, our route leads us to the boulevard Las Ramblas. Our expedition culminates in a delightful stroll through the colourful Boqueria Market Hall.

The theme of our tour covers not only the history of the buildings but also legends and anecdotes from the everyday life of Barcelona.

4 hour guided walking tour
Interior visits possible, entrance fees are not included

We give you an overview of the history, urban development and way of life of this multifaceted metropolis.

The city was called Bárcino when the Romans founded it 2000 years ago. Large parts of the Roman City Wall and the hidden Augustus Temple have been preserved. A stroll through the Barri Gòtic (Gothic Quarter) around the cathedral is a journey back to the Middle Ages.

The Art Nouveau Quarter Eixample is quite different. Once the favourite district of the rich and beautiful of the 1900’s, this new city has been conceived on a grid system. Massive facades introduce their owners like calling cards.

A highlight is the interior visit to the Sagrada Familia, Antoni Gaudí´s unfinished basilica and undoubtedly his most important work. The church is meant to be finished by 2026, just in time for the centenary of his death.

4 hour guided tour using private or public transport
Interior visits possible, entrance fees not included

A whole day in Barcelona gives you a complete overview of the highlights of 2000 years of history which make Barcelona so unique.

In the morning we cross the old city, from the Born district through the Gothic Quarter and the Raval. The route leads us through the narrow alleys of the Roman and Jewish Barcelona, around the Cathedral to the Ramblas and the colourful market hall La Boqueria.

After lunch where we can taste the unfamiliar but enticing cuisine, the focus of the afternoon lies on Modernisme, the magnificent Catalan version of Art Nouveau. In the grid system of the Eixample we not only encounter Gaudí´s main works on the Passeig de Gràcia but also buildings by his contemporaries:  for example the Hospital Sant Pau built by Domènech i Montaner, a colourful, almost playfully constructed hospital in the middle of a park.

You will see Gaudí as the architect of magnificent family palaces on the Passeig de Gràcia and as a church architect. To see the Sagrada Familia from the inside is an unforgettable experience.


8 hour guided tour using private or public transport
Interior visits possible, entrance fees and meals not included

Using private transport we can also include the local mountain Montjuïc with viewpoints across the city and the 1992 Olympic buildings as well as the harbour and beach area.

Gaudí has given the city of Barcelona its distinctive character: bizarre, quirky and organic. His buildings seem to breathe, like sculptures shaped by the force of nature.

Using his four most outstanding showpieces we give you an introduction to the life and milieu of this artistic architect. As an inexperienced young practitioner he took over the site management of the Sagrada Familia church which kept him occupied until the day of his death. Later we encounter him as creator of palaces for wealthy industrial families, for example the Casa Battló and Casa Milà and then we experience him as an imaginative urban planner in the playful Park Güell.

His textbook is nature itself. His strength is his belief in God. His inspiration is rooted in Catalan culture. The radical and idiosyncratic Gaudí uses the most modern construction methods to express his primitive forms: “Originality consists of going back to the origin.

4 hour guided walking tour using private or public transport
Interior visits possible, entrance fees not included

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