Barcelona for subtle bon vivants

Your advantages with Rodamon:

  • De Tapeo.... from bar to bar
  • Market visitors and speciality seekers
  • Wine region Penedès

This tour has been designed for lunchtime or early evening, for hungry people with a substantial element of culinary curiosity.

Follow us on a very special city stroll: dipping fresh white bread into the best olive oil, drinking freshly brewed tigernut milk (Horchata), or watching a Churros baker as he offers freshly baked, golden, ring-shaped pastry over the counter. Tasting different hams in the market hall.
Do you know why a kilo of Jamón Ibérico can cost up to 300 Euros and what makes a good bottle of Cava?

Tapas culture is very rich. Basque, traditionally Spanish and Catalan varieties make our mouths water. We take you to our favourite bars, small and hidden.

You choose the neighbourhood: the alternative and very Catalan Gràcia where you still recognize the former village with all its treelined squares? Or maybe better Ciutat Vella, the old city centre, where we can catch the odd tourist sight as well?

Or will you join us on a night tour through the less touristic Raval and Poble Sec? We let the evening end by the Magic Fountain, a water and light spectacle.

4 hour guided walking tour

Food in Catalonia can almost be called a religion of the people. Each neighbourhood has its own market hall and most people try and buy their food there. Cheaper, fresher and more tasty. Besides you can chat with the market sellers – an all-round pleasure.

Our tour takes us through the Boqueria and the Mercat de Santa Caterina.  In between we investigate selected chocolate stores, look at Barcelona´s oldest bakery and take a break with a cup of hot chocolate or a glass of Cava.

You will experience the smell of freshly roasted nuts, see where chick peas are still sold from a large sack, try the different types of ham and dunk your bread into the best Arbequina oil. What are Turrones, Churros, Horchata and Salsa Romesco? What makes the Catalan cuisine so special? If you are still a little peckish after all that we can end the tour in a selected tapas bar.

This stroll through the old Barcelona is a rich mélange of a way of life, gastronomy and history.

 4 hour guided walking tour

Towards the south of Barcelona, at the foot of the Montserrat mountain, extends the wine region Penedés where the Catalan Champagne is produced. Since the last 140 years the vintners have made this delicious drink according to the méthode traditionelle.  It used to be called Xampany but has now become world famous under the name of Cava. No family event in Catalonia is complete without it.

We take you to a family owned business in an old Catalan Masía, or traditional country house. Almost all the secrets of Cava production will be revealed to you as you are accompanied through the wine cellars, production hall and vineyards.

You will forever link the fresh tingle of Cava on your palate with the beauty of the Catalan countryside.

5 hour excursion using private transport


  • Take time after the eventful days in Barcelona to let the tranquillity of the countryside have its soothing effect and combine the Cava tasting with tapas or a Paella meal on a terrace overlooking the vineyards.
  • Do you fancy a “cava tasting“? You will taste 3 types of Cava in different parts of the winery, together with nibbles which will bring out the variation in flavours.
  • Extend this half day excursion and combine it with a visit to Montserrat, the coastal town Sitges, the Roman city of Tarragona or the Cistercian monastery of Santes Creus.

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