Experts in Barcelona

We, Stephanie Buchholz and Ludger Knepper, show you the city which we call home. Barcelona fascinates us afresh every time and it is precisely this sensation we would like to pass on to visitors.

Let yourself be introduced to the historical Barcelona and the places where you will experience vibrant everyday life. As licensed guides we give you all the historic background information, as art historians we bring you closer to the diverse art collections of the city, as city residents we tell you about all the current issues occupying Catalans.

What advantage is there to look at Barcelona with a professional guide?

Our clients tell us over and over again that they would have never found all these places on their own. Depending on your interests, we not only show you the highlights but also the hidden corners, the beautiful, authentic places and details which don´t need to market themselves.

To experience Barcelona ultimately also means to succumb to all the delicacies on the markets and the temptations along the route. We are on the Mediterranean. Barcelona has to be enjoyed.

We work with you exclusively…

…and provide you with direct access to all the sights, bypassing the queues.

We give you a compact introduction to the city, which will help you understand everything that is happening around you during the rest of your visit.

Ask us. We will tell you where we like to go for Tapas, where you can buy locally made leather bags and which cocktail bar has no drinks menu because the bartender reads your mind and will serve you exactly what you want… Just like we do…we also read your mind.